About Trufast Energy

Trufast Energy, is the biggest bettery-manufacturing company in India and has already installed million of bettery throughout India. Chances are the meter outside your home is one manufactured by Genus, go check? We also design, develop and manufacture various eco-friendly battery products.

Our high-capacity inverters feature our proprietary software technology, Auto Sense Intelligent Control or ASIC, and run on superior DSP chips. ASIC enhances battery life, enables noiseless operation, diminishes electricity bills, provides maximum power backup, is eco-friendly, and ensures fast charging.

Our team contains a wide expertise in a very vary of batteries needs. We have a tendency to aim to carry batteries for the entire vary on on-line. If you cannot notice the batteries that you just want on website contact our friendly team and we'll notice the correct batteries for you. Our batteries square measure equipped by India's leading manufactures providing category leading performance.

Our team of highly trained professionals uses genuine products from leading brands We provide doorstep services and employ eco-friendly methods for recycling. This way we not only ensure greater care of your vehicle but of the environment as well.

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We at Trufast Energy are manufacturer of all segment batteries ,Industrial and telicom with Trufast brand having belief in quality. power and customer satisfaction. We have established a unique manufacturing process with modern technology.

Trufast Energy is having high level of market presence with its across India distribution network.

I am sure with such strong values, company will definitely achieve its vision much earlier than what has been targeted.

Mr.Surender Rai

Designation :- M.D

Experience :- 15 Year

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